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What's new in Sharing by Lottery?

Lottery decides recipients in a UBI pilot -- TWO of my favourite things come together! Catalonia, Spain 2023 (194)

Irish Uni entry lottery proving its worth in troubled times Spike in random selection Sep 2022 (13)

It had to happen, I suppose! Lottery for Covid Vaccines, Florida Feb 2021 (190)
Incentivising vaccine take-up by a money-prize lottery--not very effective. Not very effective (193)

Reefer madness in Rhode Island US. They need outside help to run a lottery
Sell Marijuana in RI US Dec 2019 (187)

We're in the Big Time. Paper in NATURE on distribution of Research Grants by lot New Zealand and elsewhere are doing it Nov 2019


Should we always use lotteries for fair-sharing?

NO! There are many ways that should be used before lotteries:

First: we need to re-claim the Common Wealth which the 1% have grabbed See how it's done

Secondly: ensure that the Common Wealth of Society is distributed equally to all Read about Basic Income here


There are many things to share out such as social housing, educational places, medical treatments, but above all JOBS.

This is where LOTTERIES come into their own. Lotteries in jobs for short-listing, lotteries for appointments from the short-list, lotteries for promotions, even lotteries for redundancies?

Applying random selection to the most significant prizes in our lifetimes changes the things that matter most in our lives for the better. Lottery-selection could do far more to achieve a truly fair, just and democratic society than would any reform of Parliament.

A crazy idea, shouldn't prizes be awarded on MERIT?

We should not award prizes to those who lack merit, of course, but we should allow each of us with sufficient merit an equal chance, or at least a chance proportional to their merit. Hence the need for lotteries because many will be qualified by having sufficient merit.

Nice idea, but it will never work, will it?

Actually, it does work.
For more than 30 years now, students have been selected for

Medical School in Holland using a lottery.
Every year the US government organises the

Green Card citizenship lottery for entry into the USA.
There are many more examples of lottery selection in current use

On this website you can find out lots more
about this highly democratic way of sharing out burdens and benefits.
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Let the dice, not frail and devious human judgement, decide my fate!

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