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Housing, Money and Land click here
Why do our homes cost so much? Could we ever have a plentiful supply of cheaper, better homes? Yes! is the answer, but it means changing the way land and property is taxed. It also brings into question how new money is created. Read some of these papers to find out more.
The case for Basic (Citizen's) Income click here
I have been involved with the Basic Income movement in the UK since its inception in 1984. The simple idea Pay everyone a modest amount every week, regardless of their job status is explored here.
In the Footsteps of the Gunpowder Plotters Click here
'In the Footsteps of the Gunpowder Plotters - A journey through History in Middle England' is my guide for walkers and cyclists to important places associated with these events in 1605. More information about talks and how to get hold of the book.
Cycling around Coed Hirwaun (Margam Park Village) Click here
I am the Sustrans Cycle path Ranger in these parts! Find out more about having fun on your bike around Coed Hirwaun.
Kenfig Society click here I've been the Publications Secretary for some years, selling booklets.
I have edited and published an important series of books by Barrie Griffiths KENFIG FOLK which tells the history of this fascinating Borough from its foundation in the 1100s to its final demise in 1850.

You can buy these books!

I have given many entertaining and informative talks to local societies here in South Wales and elsewhere. For example:

ILLUSTRATED TALKS I CAN GIVE: Please contact me for more info if you would like me to talk to your group

LOTTERIES as a means of fair-sharing (or deciding without judging)
1. Organizations selecting people: How a lottery could help make it fairer
2. Lotteries in History
3. Lotteries in Welsh History
4. Why Cavilling (random allocation of workface) worked in the Durham Coalfield
5. Governance in Co-ops: How lottery decisions have helped and still should.
6. Lottery for Jobs -- In hiring, firing and promoting how a lottery could work for bosses and applicants.
7. Lotteries tragic and gay -- the psychological impact of lottery allocation to individuals

HOUSING, cost of, sufficient supply of, quality of
5. 1930's Housing Boom in England: Lessons for today?
2. 1930's Housing (with refs to Bridgend)

1. Counterblast BBC 1998 'After Work' -- the case for Basic income

MONEY reform
1. Seigniorage: How our Government profits from issuing money

1. The Gunpowder Plotters in the Midlands 1605.
2. The 'Round' Chapel, 1838, Margam: An Architectural Mystery Solved
3. The Tsunami at Sker Point 1607

DISCUSSION TALKS (not illustrated)
1. Fewer People? Population Control: the Ultimate Green Issue