Democracy, acording to the people who invented it, doesn't mean voting. That only gives you an elected Oligarchy!

"Let the dice, not frail and devious human judgement decide my Fate!"

This is a kleroteriOn, which was the machine used by the Ancient Athenians to select citizens
AT RANDOM to serve the state.

We are the KleroteriAns, people investigating the use of randomness in public affairs.
How the Kleroterians started
Back in 2004 I was doing research on the use of 'random distribution'
as an alternative to Markets or Bureaucratic distribution (at Swansea University, Economics Dept.)
I was contacted by Peter Stone, then at Stanford U. who had produced many papers on the same topic, but as Political Philosophy.
From that point we identified others in the field, mainly academics of course, but others including administrators, journalists, publishers.
Our Blog: Equality-by-Lot
Equality by lot is the new blog of the Kleroterians. If you wish to become a contributor, please email Yoram Gat: . You will need a wordpress account. Setting up a wordpress account is free and simple go to
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OPEN GROUP For those with an academic and/or practical interest in the use of lotteries, particularly as instruments of democracy and/or justice.

On the right are a number of bronze tags -- Athenian citizen's I.D. You can also see 1 black bead.

On jury service days, citizens would turn up, hand in their tags, which would be stacked up.

Next stage: the draw: In the centre is a marble slab with slots (into which can fit id tags). On the left of the kleroterion slab there would be a funnel loaded with black and white beads. These beads would drop out of a down-spout.

Depending on the colour of the bead your tag would be picked off the pile and put in the first or second column of slots in the kleroterion.

Finally, the jury would be selected from one of the columns of the kleroterion,

Simple technology, plain for all to see!
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