Sortition, Stochocracy, Demarchy websites
Lyn Carson at Sydney University, Australia Active democracy: Citizen participation in decision making

Brian Martin, Woolongong, Australia Demarchy; random selection of decision makers

21st Century dialogue, Perth Australia community engagement through (randomly selected) small group interaction

Sortition The London-based Society for Democracy including Random Selection

Callenbach & Phillips A modest proposal for the random selection of legislators (1985)

Allot a democratic House of Lords Allot (select at random) a group to form a Citizen's Jury.

The Athenian solution (1998) Barnett & Carthy of DEMOS think-thank proposed a randomly selected House of Lords

Sortition various links Proposals to amending constitutions and laws to make use of various forms of sortititon.

la Stochocratie est non seulement l'évolution de la démocratie, mais en fait un retour aux sources!

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There are also books on the subject:

Keith Sutherland (2004) The Party's Over: Blueprint for a very English revolution. Exeter, Imprint Academic

Kevin O'Leary (2007) Saving Democracy: A plan for real representation in America. Stanford, University Press
(This list is incomplete)
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